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River Moss Technologies has some of the most talented individuals in the Treasure Valley. We are always trying to stay up on the latest technologies, so that we can suggest the best solution to our customers. Employees at River Moss Technologies are outdoor enthusiasts with passions outside of the workplace. We strongly believe in hiring this type of talent so that they can be passionate within the workplace as well. We believe in a work-life balance because when a person is happy, they will produce the best results. Why wouldn't you want to work here?

Sales Representative

The primary responsibility of this position will be to manage targeted niches with the goal of maximizing sales. This role is responsible for identifying and developing business relationships within targeted outdoor retailers, brands, and partner sites with the goal of:

  • Achieving quarterly and annual sales goals
  • Understanding the outdoor market and how to integrate Retail Axis within that market
  • Delivering product presentations to customers about our products, features, benefits and services.
Mid to Senior level Software Developer

We are looking for a software developer that is interested in staying up on the latest technologies. This developer needs to have passion inside and outside of the workplace. Some of the technologies that we use on a day-to-day basis are developing using C# .NET, MVC Razor engine, jQuery, AngularJs, RavenDb, RabbitMQ, MassTransit, nUnit, Moq, etc...

Desired skillsets

  • Object oriented language such as C#, Java, C++, etc... (required)
  • Javascript guru
  • Understands how to develop from the backend up to the front
  • Understands database principles such as 3rd Normal Form
  • Good communicator in person and through email, IM, etc...
  • Understanding and experience with Agile Development
  • Understanding and implementation of Design Patterns
  • Good natured
  • Passionate
Contact Information


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to jobs@rivermoss.com

Remember the most important part is to sell yourself, we look at resumes all the time.